Shower Rocker – I-Venstar S406 Speaker Review

One of the [few] things that I miss about working at RadioShack is the endless samples of new gadgetry. Towards the end of my career at “The Shack”, we were really focused on audio, so I got new Bluetooth speakers all the time, like the SOL REPUBLIC DECK (a personal favorite), the Skullcandy Air Raid,Continue reading “Shower Rocker – I-Venstar S406 Speaker Review”

The Venstar Taco – A Bluetooth Speaker Review

I’ve used/reviewed lots of Bluetooth speakers. From the SOL REPUBLIC DECK to the Skullcandy Air Raid and the Beats Pill, I’ve seen them all. Or so I thought. When I was contacted by I-Venstar and asked if I wanted to review “The Taco“, my curiosity was piqued, and I said yes. The Venstar* Taco is…well,Continue reading “The Venstar Taco – A Bluetooth Speaker Review”

In Praise Of The Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset

I love listening to music. If it had it my way, I would be surrounded by music all the time. I also love ‘magic’ technology, and being wireless. I had previously been eyeing the Nokia BH-121, but could never actually find a place to purchase it, so I started looking at competitors, and found theContinue reading “In Praise Of The Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset”

JBL Synchros E40BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

Before I worked at RadioShack, I didn’t really use headphones. However, spend enough time in a cubicle environment and you start to understand the need for headphones. Also, having kids helps, too. I’ve had a chance to use and test lots of different headphones, so when JBL announced their new Synchros E40BT Bluetooth headphones andContinue reading “JBL Synchros E40BT Bluetooth Headphones Review”

Fossil Is Rehashing The Connected Wristwatch

Fossil has been around since 1984, specializing in clothing and accessories. They make some of the coolest wristwatches on the market, and they’re about to step up their game even more. They’ve recently announced their Connected Wristwatch line, a series of wristwatches that are able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth for various bitsContinue reading “Fossil Is Rehashing The Connected Wristwatch”

Review Of The Plantronics 903 BackBeat Stereo Headset

I’ve been trying to find a good solution for listening to music at work, and decided that a Bluetooth solution connected to my phone would probably allow me the best range of motion while also delivering decent music quality. Sure, it uses extra battery draw, but I’m sitting at my desk, so I can justContinue reading “Review Of The Plantronics 903 BackBeat Stereo Headset”

Bluespam In San Francisco

The Hard Rock Cafe in San Francisco’s Pier 39 has decided that it wants to offer coupons to passersby. Rather than respectfully printing them out, or offering a mobile website or something, the restaurant has decided to partner with Intera Group to use Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. If you’re not familiar, that means that if youContinue reading “Bluespam In San Francisco”