My 2014 Personal Goals

It’s January, which means you’re supposed to put forth your ‘new year resolutions’. Typically, these are silly, non-SMART goals like ‘eat healthier’, ‘be better’, and junk like that. This year, I only have two main goals or resolutions. 1. Read 1 book per month – I had this goal last year, and only ended upContinue reading “My 2014 Personal Goals”

A New Year Begins

Wow, it’s hard to believe that an entire year has already passed. What a crazy one it’s been, too. In March, I started a new position as the Social Media Community Manager at RadioShack, taking the lead on all of our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and The Shack Blog content. It’s been exciting and fun, butContinue reading “A New Year Begins”

Content Creation, Done Well

I have many different hats that I wear in my current position as the Social Media Community Manager at RadioShack, but the biggest one is probably that of content creator. I’m responsible for the content that gets published via our social channels, including The Shack Blog, as well as our Twitter and Facebook accounts. WithContinue reading “Content Creation, Done Well”

What Will Be The First Computer-Free Generation?

Several years ago, I conducted an experiment on called PC-Free For 30 Days. My main computer had crashed and was going to be in service, so I decided to see how I could complete the tasks that I normally do on my computer using only a Symbian-powered smartphone. The conclusion at the time wasContinue reading “What Will Be The First Computer-Free Generation?”

A Return To Mobile Blogging

A long while ago, I was really obsessed with mobile blogging – that is, blogging from a mobile device. I kept trying from my Symbian-powered smartphones, but kept coming up short. Unfortunately, software was the main limiting factor. There simply are not any great solutions for blogging from a Symbian-powered smartphone, in my experience. Yes,Continue reading “A Return To Mobile Blogging”

Exploring Ubuntu Blogging Solutions

Since I don’t have a valid Windows 7 license for my Asus 1000HE, I’ve decided to use Ubuntu Netbook Remix on this netbook, and I’m starting to really enjoy it. Of course, there are a few applications that I’m sorely missing, especially Windows Live Writer, but overall it’s been an enjoyable little experiment. As such,Continue reading “Exploring Ubuntu Blogging Solutions”

Back To Blogging Basics – Intro

If you don’t already know, I’m the Community Manager behind I started the site in November 2006, and with the help of 2 other authors (and a few who have come and gone), built it to be one of the top Symbian-related blogs on the Internet. Unfortunately, along the way, the site itself hasContinue reading “Back To Blogging Basics – Intro”

I’m Currently Seeking Opportunities

I’m currently seeking opportunities. After nearly 5 years of advertising, sales, online marketing, blogging, and social media, mainly for myself, I’ve realized that it’s high time I share my wealth of knowledge and experience with other companies. I know for a fact that I need to be in either a mobile- or internet-related position. RegardlessContinue reading “I’m Currently Seeking Opportunities”

James Whatley On Corporate Blogging

James Whatley, one of my good friends, recently chatted with BBC’s Technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones about blogging and companies and how the two are working to get along. Whatley is the Digital Marketing Product Manager and Chief Blogger over at Spinvox, which I’m a huge fan of. They’ve also put up a blog post givingContinue reading “James Whatley On Corporate Blogging”