Two Big Reasons that Sponsored Data Sucks

At CES this week, AT&T announced a bunch of stuff, but the biggest is arguably their new ‘Sponsored Data’ product. You can read the full announcement here, but essentially, Sponsored Data is similar to 1-800 numbers for your mobile data plan. Companies can pay to ‘sponsor’ your data usage when you visit their site orContinue reading “Two Big Reasons that Sponsored Data Sucks”

I Opted Out Of AT&T’s Yellow Pages And Still Got Hassled

Sometime in the past twelve months, I found the opt-out site to tell AT&T that I don’t want to receive their yellow pages phonebook. I immediately filled in my information, feeling rather good about myself, primarily for ridding myself of one more piece of trash that gets left on my doorstep, but also feeling aContinue reading “I Opted Out Of AT&T’s Yellow Pages And Still Got Hassled”

Why I Chose The Nexus One

Since announcing that I was leaving Symbian and picking up a Nexus One from Google, I’ve had countless discussions about why I chose this particular handset over others on the market that are newer. The answer is easy – it’s really the only option for AT&T customers who want a decent Android experience. The otherContinue reading “Why I Chose The Nexus One”

Yesterday’s Fail Brought To You By AT&T And Chase Bank

Yesterday was a day from Hell, mainly due to two companies – AT&T and Chase Bank. Normally, I’m a huge fan of both – I’ve been a customer of these companies for a decade, which says a lot. It started with AT&T. We setup a POTS line at home for our new security system aboutContinue reading “Yesterday’s Fail Brought To You By AT&T And Chase Bank”

The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing

I’ll admit, it’s tough to understand the concept of a netbook, for some. I mean, it’s *almost* the regular cost of a low-end notebook, but it’s smaller, and tends to be less capable in terms of processing power and that sort of thing. However, there’s tons of inaccuracies floating around out there, specifically in regardsContinue reading “The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing”

Nokia Booklet 3G To Cost $299 From Best Buy

Today at an event in New York, Nokia announced that its Booklet 3G netbook will be an AT&T exclusive, taking advantage of the carrier’s high-speed 3G network. The mini-laptop will be sold exclusively through Best Buy, priced at $299.99 with a 2-year contract from AT&T. The contract requires activation on AT&T’s $60/month Laptop Connect plan,Continue reading “Nokia Booklet 3G To Cost $299 From Best Buy”

Bring On The Femtocells

Yesterday, AT&T announced that it was opening a public trial of its new 3G Microcell in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 3G Microcell is a femtocell that basically connects to your home internet connection and sets up a small (5000 sq. ft.) cellular tower. This is fantastic if you have high-speed internet at home, but suckyContinue reading “Bring On The Femtocells”

Mandatory Unlimited Data Plans For Smartphones Is Awesome

Last week, it was revealed that, as of September 6th, AT&T will be requiring all smartphones to have an unlimited data package. There will not be an option to disable data, or opt for the pay-per-use. If you have a smartphone, you have to have unlimited data. While there’s been a bit of backlash againstContinue reading “Mandatory Unlimited Data Plans For Smartphones Is Awesome”

Of Course AT&T Doesn’t Want Google Voice

I’ve been a Google Voice user since it was called Grand Central, and use the number as a disposable one – I’ll give it out to anyone. Until recently, that was the only real benefit that I saw – using Google Voice like a filter, to control who has direct access to my ‘real’ mobileContinue reading “Of Course AT&T Doesn’t Want Google Voice”

On The iPhone Upgrade Plans

So, Apple announced a new iPhone the other day, and everyone got excited. That is, they were excited until AT&T and O2 revealed their pricing plans for existing iPhone lovers to get their new upgrade. Apparently, heaven forbid, both carriers plan to <gasp> require that consumers complete their current contract before they will be eligibleContinue reading “On The iPhone Upgrade Plans”