Why Steve Wozniak Is Awesome

Steve Wozniak is quite an interesting guy. He cofounded Apple. Yes, that Apple. He hasn’t ‘officially’ worked full-time at Apple in decades, but yet he waits in line for the newest Apple device like anyone else. He doesn’t even pre-order, but rather values the experience of waiting outside the Apple store – the stores forContinue reading “Why Steve Wozniak Is Awesome”

Choices That Phone Manufacturers Need To Stop

I love technology, and I love smartphones. I really love switching between different smartphones to find the little things that manufacturers use to set themselves apart. Unfortunately, that also tends to highlight the annoying things that manufacturers do that provide a poor user experience. Some of these might just be on accident, while others veryContinue reading “Choices That Phone Manufacturers Need To Stop”

My Top Tech Toys Of 2011

I firmly believe that technology should enrich and enable our lives, so it’s no surprise that I use a lot of technology in my life. Some of these gadgets are for personal use. Some are for work, and others are just for fun, but here’s a list of the top tech toys that I discoveredContinue reading “My Top Tech Toys Of 2011”

When Customer Service Isn’t

There was a story circulating the Internet last week about a little girl at an Apple store. It seems this little 10-year-old girl saved every penny she could for nearly a year so that she could buy herself an Apple iPod touch, which she desperately wanted. All good so far – I’m all in favorContinue reading “When Customer Service Isn’t”

Apple Ping Is Barely Half-Baked

After fighting it since the announcement, curiosity got the best of me and I turned on Ping in the new iTunes v10. I only did so after confirming that there is an easy way to turn it off, so I figure I don’t have anything to lose. After trying to use Nokia’s various Ovi servicesContinue reading “Apple Ping Is Barely Half-Baked”

Of Course AT&T Doesn’t Want Google Voice

I’ve been a Google Voice user since it was called Grand Central, and use the number as a disposable one – I’ll give it out to anyone. Until recently, that was the only real benefit that I saw – using Google Voice like a filter, to control who has direct access to my ‘real’ mobileContinue reading “Of Course AT&T Doesn’t Want Google Voice”

Snow Leopard Might Be The Best Hackintosh OS X

So today was the WWDC keynote, where Apple usually unloads a bunch of new stuff. I’ve watched the past 3 WWDCs, via various liveblogs, and have to declare that today’s was by far the most boring. However, there was a small nugget of fun that most people seem to have overlooked. During the Snow LeopardContinue reading “Snow Leopard Might Be The Best Hackintosh OS X”

Microsoft Going With Simple Advertising

Let’s face it – Microsoft is not exactly known for great advertising campaigns, specifically when it comes to consumer electronics such as its Zune MP3 player and music store. For several reasons, the iPod has dominated the MP3 market, mainly due to its tight integration with iTunes, and that application’s robust feature set. However, theContinue reading “Microsoft Going With Simple Advertising”

Props To Apple’s MobileMe Team

Yeah, I know, you can’t believe I just said that, what with the issues that caused even Walt Mossberg to denounce the service as not ready. That’s not why I’m offering props (similar to kudos, or good job, for those wondering) to Apple’s MobileMe team. This post on the Apple MobileMe pages is why. TheContinue reading “Props To Apple’s MobileMe Team”