Review Of The Plantronics 903 BackBeat Stereo Headset

I’ve been trying to find a good solution for listening to music at work, and decided that a Bluetooth solution connected to my phone would probably allow me the best range of motion while also delivering decent music quality. Sure, it uses extra battery draw, but I’m sitting at my desk, so I can justContinue reading “Review Of The Plantronics 903 BackBeat Stereo Headset”

All Smartphones Should Have A Desktop Dock

The Google Nexus One is one of the most talked-about smartphones lately, and for good reason. I have yet to find anyone who dislikes it, and even better, Google released a desktop dock for the Nexus One recently. Smartphones used to come with desktop docks, as this facilitated easy synchronization with your PC for PIM,Continue reading “All Smartphones Should Have A Desktop Dock”