Wednesday Watch: If I Die On Mars

The Mars One mission is an excursion currently being planned by a non-profit that offers 4 people a one-way ticket to Mars in the future. Reading that statement, you’re probably wondering, “why on earth would someone volunteer for a one-way trip to another planet?” Thanks to The Guardian, you can kind of get an answer. The GuardianContinue reading “Wednesday Watch: If I Die On Mars”

Wednesday Watch: Skype Adding Multilingual Instant Translation

In the not-too-distant future, Skype will be able to automatically and instantaneously translate your voice calls to other languages. This will make it possible for you to call someone who speaks another language without having to hire a translator, or fumble through the conversation in broken translations. The technology will be called Skype Translator, andContinue reading “Wednesday Watch: Skype Adding Multilingual Instant Translation”