Do You Practice Smartphone Etiquette?

My friends at AllAboutSymbian recently published an interesting piece on smartphone etiquette, stemming from a section that Debrett’s published on mobile etiquette. As mobile phones have invaded our lives, it seems as though most of us (myself included, at times) have completely forgotten etiquette and the idea that there is a time and a placeContinue reading “Do You Practice Smartphone Etiquette?”

Warner Brothers App Edition Movies Could Be The Future

If you can remember back this far, movies weren’t always available to download over the Internet. Even before DVDs, you got movies on what’s called a ‘VHS’ (Video Home System). These large cassettes were quite simple, but used a magnetic tape coiled inside to show video content in sequential format. Unlike DVDs, if you wantedContinue reading “Warner Brothers App Edition Movies Could Be The Future”

Powermat Isn’t Satisfied With Cellphones

Powermat is an awesome example of a tech company embracing my belief that technology should enrich and enable your real life. If you don’t know, Powermat produces wireless charging solutions for cellphones (currently). They use magnetic induction to charge your devices without having to plug them in. Currently, you need to have a Powermat-enabled device,Continue reading “Powermat Isn’t Satisfied With Cellphones”

Google Latitude Introduces Auto-Checkins

The location-based frenzy has gotten really interesting over the past 12-18 months, and gets more interesting almost daily, especially with the latest ‘check-in’ bonanza. However, current iterations, such as Foursquare, GoWalla, and GetGlue all require you to manually click the ‘check-in’ button. It requires you to do something to share your location with whatever groupContinue reading “Google Latitude Introduces Auto-Checkins”

Otterbox Commuter Case For G2/Desire Z Review

Since I bought my T-Mobile G2 a few months ago, I’ve tried a few different ways to protect it. I first bought one of these cheap-o cases off Amazon – for $4 shipped, how can you go wrong? Now, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a bad case, it just wasn’t a good one. It didn’tContinue reading “Otterbox Commuter Case For G2/Desire Z Review”

T-Mobile G2: Like An N97 With Android

Back in July, I was desperately shopping for a replacement for my Nokia N97. I knew I wanted an Android-powered smartphone, but I also wanted a hardware keyboard and a dedicated camera button, and the phone had to support SIM cards. At the time, my only real option was to import a Motorola Milestone fromContinue reading “T-Mobile G2: Like An N97 With Android”

I’m Quitting Foursquare

Location-based services are supposedly the next big thing (if not ‘the’ big thing currently). The premise is that you ‘chek-in’ when you get somewhere, telling various groups of people where you are. The original intent, at least for Foursquare, was for barhoppers and party-goers to be able to easily find their friends. When you’re outContinue reading “I’m Quitting Foursquare”

How To: Get The New Car Home On CyanogenMod v6

One thing with custom ROMs is that they can often make updating system apps somewhat troublesome. Such is the case for the new Car Home update that Google made available earlier today. You can read all about it here, but it basically adds features that we’ve all expected to have available in Car Home forContinue reading “How To: Get The New Car Home On CyanogenMod v6”

Nokia World 2010 Thoughts

So Nokia World 2010 is over. I’ve already scored my predictions, but I wanted to also put together some thoughts on the event, including the stuff that was announced, as well as what wasn’t announced. Now, I wasn’t at the event, so I can’t comment on the feel of things or the atmosphere. I’ve beenContinue reading “Nokia World 2010 Thoughts”