Nokia Should N-Gage With Xbox Live

Now that Nokia has finally launched a Windows Phone device, they need to begin making inroads in that ecosystem. One of the first opportunities that comes to my mind is gaming. Nokia has a weird history with mobile gaming. They were one of the first companies to put games on phones (Snake) and one ofContinue reading “Nokia Should N-Gage With Xbox Live”

Verizon Wireless Offering $10 ‘Social’ Plan Is Scary

Recently, Verizon Wireless announced a new data plan for its BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphone – dubbed the ‘Social Messaging Data Package.’ This plan is only $10/month, which is about 1/3rd the price of a normal data plan, but it severely limits the user. You get 75MB of data (PLEASE stop offering consumers bucket data plansContinue reading “Verizon Wireless Offering $10 ‘Social’ Plan Is Scary”

Nokia Claims It Plans To Unveil US Plans In 2012

There’s a bunch of other announcements coming out of Nokia World 2011 in London today, and I’ll touch on those later. However, this blurb from my friend Eric Zeman at PhoneScoop really got under my skin: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop today said at the Nokia World event in London that the company will be makingContinue reading “Nokia Claims It Plans To Unveil US Plans In 2012”

Flickr Finally Innovates Around Location

I love taking photos with my phone. There are so many benefits to using a smartphone for photography that it’s basically a no-brainer (and worth the small sacrifice in quality, in my opinion). One of those benefits is the ability to geo-tag your photos, which adds location coordinates to the EXIF data stored in theContinue reading “Flickr Finally Innovates Around Location”

Thoughts On Windows Phone Mango On The HTC HD7

When Nokia announced that it was going to partner with Microsoft and start using Windows Phone as the smartphone platform of choice (at least in the U.S.), I was floored, but I also knew that if Nokia was so confident in this platform, then I needed to get a Windows Phone device and start checkingContinue reading “Thoughts On Windows Phone Mango On The HTC HD7”

Blast From The Past: Nokia 6230b

Not long ago, I published a list of my top three Nokia phones of all time – some of you were surprised to find a ‘dumbphone’ listed there – the venerable Nokia 6230b. Hailing back from 2004, the 6230b was one of the most advanced phones of its time. It was the first phone IContinue reading “Blast From The Past: Nokia 6230b”

Tablets Struggle To Be Shared

Tablets are finally starting to take hold in the marketplace, mostly due to the fact that we’re finally using an upscaled mobile operating system, as opposed to trying to cram a desktop operating system on them, in my opinion. Either way, one of the biggest issues is that of multiple users. While most of myContinue reading “Tablets Struggle To Be Shared”

My Three Favorite Nokia Phones, Ever

My buddy Jason Harris recently posted on Nokia Conversations a list of his top three Nokia phones ever. His list is decent, but mine differs. I got my first Nokia cellphone in 1998, and since then have used nearly every smartphone the company has produced. I’ve personally owned more than half of those, and stillContinue reading “My Three Favorite Nokia Phones, Ever”

The Gaming Industry’s Missed Opportunity With Mobile

I have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, and have a few games such as Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, and Halo Reach that are very character-driven. The Xbox Live profile includes an avatar that you can dress up and buy things like pets and accessories for. It’s an entire ecosystem within the overall Xbox ecosystem, andContinue reading “The Gaming Industry’s Missed Opportunity With Mobile”

What Worked At SXSW 2011

I just got back from SXSW 2011, the annual nerdfest that takes place in Austin, Texas each spring. It’s a pretty harsh environment for someone to remain constantly connected. SXSW is spread out over several venues and covers most of the downtown area of Austin, so you’re constantly walking between hotels and meeting rooms. DespiteContinue reading “What Worked At SXSW 2011”