Tools Of A Connected Traveler

The Mrs. and I are headed out to California this week for some R&R, though obviously I’ll be connected most of the time, albeit less so than normal. This is the first personal trip that I’ve taken in a while, and it was booked, planned, mapped out, etc, all online this time around. While youContinue reading “Tools Of A Connected Traveler”

Why Are Ruggedized Phones So Rare?

I recently covered the launch of the Casio G’zOne Boulder for Verizon over at If you’re not familiar with the G’zOne product line, they’re extremely ruggedized handsets, able to withstand being dunked in water, buried, or even frozen in ice and thawed out (video). Unfortunately, they’re CDMA, which means no-workie-with-SIM-cardie. It also means theyContinue reading “Why Are Ruggedized Phones So Rare?”

Sony Almost Gets It, Nokia Gets Closer

I caught this on Gizmodo last week, where Sony apparently invited several bloggers and other news outlets to a round table discussion/session, focused on the Playstation 3. The console hasn’t been selling well (it never did, I remember this past holiday season seeing stacks of them on Best Buy’s floor), and Sony knows why. MoreContinue reading “Sony Almost Gets It, Nokia Gets Closer”

Mobile Phone Companies Are Getting Smarter

Now, don’t close out yet, hear me out. I’ve noticed that two mobile-related companies are actually getting smarter, and taking advantage of things that typically only gadget freaks see and care about. I present two instances, Nokia’s minisite, and AT&T’s iPhone 3G unboxing video. Starting with Nokia, we have the minisite, which outlinesContinue reading “Mobile Phone Companies Are Getting Smarter”

Verizon’s CEO Is An Idiot

Wow, and people wonder why CDMA handsets and networks, in the U.S., are so locked down, and why I’ll stick with GSM regardless. Here’s a recent interview with Ivan Seidenberg, that’s the CEO of Verizon, proclaiming that mobile carriers will be able to resist turning into dumb pipes by locking everything down so that consumersContinue reading “Verizon’s CEO Is An Idiot”

The Future of Voice

James Whatley has a thought provoking meandering thought over at the Spinvox blog, regarding the future of voice. With a service such as Spinvox, people’s voices are being converted into text. Sounds simple enough, but this actually affects quite a bit of stuff. It means that voice is now searchable, archivable. James goes on aboutContinue reading “The Future of Voice”

What Would An ‘iPhone Killer’ Look Like?

I hate to even bring up the iPhone here, because I’m guaranteed a flood of fanboys saying that I’m an iPhone hater and that I just don’t get it, blah blah blah. However, I have an honest question, and I’m hoping for at least a few honest answers. Since the iPhone came out, everyone’s beenContinue reading “What Would An ‘iPhone Killer’ Look Like?”

Moving From Admob to Adsense For Mobile

I’ve got Symbian-Guru, my main site, mobilized, and I’m currently using Admob to publish ads there. I think of Admob as the ‘underdog’, specially compared to Google’s Adsense, and I like to root for the underdog. However, there’s a few reasons that I’m completely unimpressed with them: 1. There’s no way to set filters forContinue reading “Moving From Admob to Adsense For Mobile”

Text Voting Is A Dead-End

I’m sitting here vaguely paying attention to American Idol and I’m amazed that they’re STILL using SMS voting (though they do have a phone option for non-AT&T subscribers). The more I think about this, the more I have realized what a poor medium SMS is in a situation like this. You have people who areContinue reading “Text Voting Is A Dead-End”

Locked Down iPhone SDK Surprises No One

So the news is all over the place: The iPhone’s much-anticipated SDK, due to be released on March 6th, will be pretty locked down. According to reports, Apple will implement a system where it decides what iPhone applications are ‘approved’ and which aren’t, since they’ll be using iTunes as the delivery method. Also, apparently, theContinue reading “Locked Down iPhone SDK Surprises No One”