Angelcare AC1100 Baby Monitor Review

Now that I’ve had a few months to actually use all this stuff, I’ve decided to go ahead and start reviewing some of the baby stuff we accumulated in preparation for little Reese to hit the scene. The first thing is the Angelcare AC1100 Video – Movement – Sound baby monitor. The system is quiteContinue reading “Angelcare AC1100 Baby Monitor Review”

Xbox Upgrade Is One Step Closer To The Future

I’m firmly convinced that when my daughter is old enough to play video games, I’ll hand her a controller and she’ll look back at me, baffled, asking ‘What’s this, Dad?’ The controller – with buttons and joysticks and the like, will be relegated to nostalgia, similar to Nintendo’s ‘Virtual Boy’ or the trackballs of yore.Continue reading “Xbox Upgrade Is One Step Closer To The Future”

The Convergence Of Print And Digital – Life Essentials Study Bible

With the rise of digital and increased portability of small displays with computers behind them, the print industry is looking at quite the bleak future. Indeed, while I do have a physical subscription to Wired magazine, the hard copy usually goes straight from the mailbox to the back of our toilet. By the time theContinue reading “The Convergence Of Print And Digital – Life Essentials Study Bible”

In The Driver’s Seat – #KloutChevySonic

I’ve already had to return the Chevy Sonic that I had on loan for a weekend through Klout, but I did manage to shoot another video of the interior of the car, this time with my 6-foot frame stuffed inside. The Chevy Sonic is definitely a compact car, but it was actually quite nice forContinue reading “In The Driver’s Seat – #KloutChevySonic”

On The Road: #KloutChevySonic

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of cruising through the great state of Texas with my wife, our child, our chocolate lab, and the new Chevy Sonic. I introduced you to the Chevy Sonic previously, so I wanted to give you a better idea of the size of this little car. For the trip (justContinue reading “On The Road: #KloutChevySonic”

Qik Keeps On Improving, Adds Premium Features To Android

When the whole notion of streaming live video from your phone to the Internet came around, there were basically two companies doing it – Flixwagon and Qik. Both got their start on Nokia’s Symbian-powered smartphones – in fact, I even live-streamed my wedding using Nokia N82s, the Nokia DT-22 tripod, and Flixwagon. Unfortunately, Flixwagon isContinue reading “Qik Keeps On Improving, Adds Premium Features To Android”

Tablets Struggle To Be Shared

Tablets are finally starting to take hold in the marketplace, mostly due to the fact that we’re finally using an upscaled mobile operating system, as opposed to trying to cram a desktop operating system on them, in my opinion. Either way, one of the biggest issues is that of multiple users. While most of myContinue reading “Tablets Struggle To Be Shared”