Podcasts I Recommend

Since I started my new job at TripCase, my commute went from about 15 minutes to about 50 minutes – quite the leap. I’ve actually been enjoying it, having finally discovered the time to listen to podcasts again. Over the past few months, I’ve explored quite a few podcasts, and wanted to share the shortlistContinue reading “Podcasts I Recommend”

Churches Going Social

I wrote previously about my church using SMS to add to the sermon experience, so I wasn’t too surprised to see this added to the information card that’s part of our bulletin: In addition to the regular information that you’re invited to share, our church now has fields for you to fill in your FacebookContinue reading “Churches Going Social”

Gmail For Android Updated With Intelligence

Google has been on an updating spree, with new versions of several applications showing up in the Android market over the past few days. Today, however, was something completely different. The team updated the Gmail for Android application, adding a handful of new features that will likely increase productivity exponentially for most people. You canContinue reading “Gmail For Android Updated With Intelligence”

How To: Unsubscribe From Junk Email In Gmail

A while back, Google added a feature to Gmail that was supposed to let you easily unsubscribe from various mailing lists, in an effort to clean up your inbox and reduce the amount of email that Google has to process. Unfortunately, the few times I’ve tried to use this (even for emails coming from aContinue reading “How To: Unsubscribe From Junk Email In Gmail”

This Is How You Do It – Feat. Sony And Technorati

A few days before I headed down to Austin, TX for SXSW, I caught wind of a promotion that Sony and Technorati had put together, where they were offering bloggers a Sony Webbie HD video camera to use to cover SXSW. It sounded like a cool setup, so I went ahead and applied. Luckily, IContinue reading “This Is How You Do It – Feat. Sony And Technorati”

How To Fail, By Google Voice

This week’s episode of ‘How To Fail’ is brought to you by Google’s new Google Voice service, formerly (currently, for me) known as GrandCentral. Google purchased Grand Central in July 2007, nearly 2 years ago, and promptly did nothing with it (unsurprisingly). The service has been active for existing users, but new registrations were closedContinue reading “How To Fail, By Google Voice”

Voice Calls Are Incredibly Rude

I’ve had tons of conversations in the past few hours, but one theme that arises quite often is the notion of how to connect with people. Clearly face to face meetings are still the utmost in communication. Even at an uber-connected event like SXSW, all of the other forms of communication ultimately point to meetups,Continue reading “Voice Calls Are Incredibly Rude”

The Day Old Media Died

Today, President Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of these United States. While his election is a bit of history in of itself, it’s not tech related, so that’s not what I want to talk about – what I want to talk about is how I (and apparently 13.9 million others) experiencedContinue reading “The Day Old Media Died”

How To Properly Make A Mistake (Or Why I Love Hulu)

We have one TV in our house, and it’s a little 21″ tube tv that sits in my office, more for TV-Out with my Nokia’s than for anything else, really. There’s some foil-covered rabbit ears sticking out of the back, and nothing else hooked into it. So where do we watch TV? Hulu.com. If you’reContinue reading “How To Properly Make A Mistake (Or Why I Love Hulu)”