Don’t Get Excited About Wireless Charging At Starbucks

If you’re online today, you’ve seen the news – you can now wirelessly charge your phone in select Starbucks locations – the first of a planned nationwide rollout in all Starbucks and Teavana locations in the U.S., as well as Europe and Asia. The “Powermat Spots” are “designated areas…where customers can place their compatible deviceContinue reading “Don’t Get Excited About Wireless Charging At Starbucks”

Facebook Doesn’t Get Mobile

Despite what Mark Zuckerberg says, Facebook isn’t a mobile-first company, nor do they really ‘get’ mobile. Of course, I could take the easy way out and just point to their mobile apps as evidence for this. The Android app isĀ embarrassingĀ  and while the iOS app has improved greatly over the past year or two, itContinue reading “Facebook Doesn’t Get Mobile”

Nokia Finally Learns How To Accessorize A Cameraphone

As a Nokia blogger/fanboi through the inception, rise, and fall of the Nseries of multimedia-creation powerhouses that Nokia released over the years, there was always a big area of frustration for me, especially surrounding their unrivaled cameraphones – they never properly accessorized or packaged them. That’s why I was glad to see that Chris DaviesContinue reading “Nokia Finally Learns How To Accessorize A Cameraphone”

Choices That Phone Manufacturers Need To Stop

I love technology, and I love smartphones. I really love switching between different smartphones to find the little things that manufacturers use to set themselves apart. Unfortunately, that also tends to highlight the annoying things that manufacturers do that provide a poor user experience. Some of these might just be on accident, while others veryContinue reading “Choices That Phone Manufacturers Need To Stop”

I Opted Out Of AT&T’s Yellow Pages And Still Got Hassled

Sometime in the past twelve months, I found the opt-out site to tell AT&T that I don’t want to receive their yellow pages phonebook. I immediately filled in my information, feeling rather good about myself, primarily for ridding myself of one more piece of trash that gets left on my doorstep, but also feeling aContinue reading “I Opted Out Of AT&T’s Yellow Pages And Still Got Hassled”

Why Is Netflix So Anti-Social?

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber since September of 2008 – that’s nearly 3 years – and I’m a heavy user of the service. I actually use the streaming feature more, but I do the DVDs occasionally, as well (I’m horrible at remembering to return them). Thus far, I’ve rated over 200 movies, and I’ve spentContinue reading “Why Is Netflix So Anti-Social?”

Why I Bought An iPod

In college, I bought a 4th generation 20GB black and white iPod at Sam’s Club (the HP Edition, actually). Back then, my music collection was only 10GB, and I figured that gave me plenty of room to grow. While using that iPod, I developed a pretty simple, yet strict method for keeping my music libraryContinue reading “Why I Bought An iPod”

Yesterday’s Fail Brought To You By AT&T And Chase Bank

Yesterday was a day from Hell, mainly due to two companies – AT&T and Chase Bank. Normally, I’m a huge fan of both – I’ve been a customer of these companies for a decade, which says a lot. It started with AT&T. We setup a POTS line at home for our new security system aboutContinue reading “Yesterday’s Fail Brought To You By AT&T And Chase Bank”

The Nokia Booklet 3G Is A Fingerprint Magnet

You can see in the photo, this was after less than 24 hours with the Nokia Booklet 3G. Keep in mind, though, that only the top cover is shiny-fingerprinty. The rest of the computer, including the keyboard and wrist-rest inside are all matte finish, and thus do not accumulate fingerprints as quickly. Unfortunately, the topContinue reading “The Nokia Booklet 3G Is A Fingerprint Magnet”

What Happened To Simple Customer Service?

Repeatedly in the past few days, I’ve been amazed at the lack of simple customer service skills that I’ve encountered. I don’t mean that silly ‘the customer is always right’ mantra, but rather the idea that you should simply serve your customer in a way that would make them want to visit you again. It’sContinue reading “What Happened To Simple Customer Service?”