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This site is my personal outlet for any topic related to the internet and mobile, and how those affect the ‘connected’ lifestyle. Here you’ll find tips for using the Internet or mobile technology in your daily life, as well as editorials on various related topics, with a sprinkle of my personal life.

About Ricky

Ricky CaddenRicky Cadden is an expert in mobile technology, with over 2 years of retail mobile phone sales in his pocket and over 3 years of managing one of the most popular Symbian-focused sites on the Internet. He has 2 years of experience at Time Warner Cable Media Sales, along with nearly 4 years of experience reviewing and writing about mobile handsets. Ricky was the Founder and Community Manager of Symbian-Guru.com until its closure in July 2010, and was previously the News Editor at MobileBurn.com as well as an Ambassador Relations Specialist with the S60 Marketing Team at Nokia. He spent 5 years at RadioShack, Inc., as the Senior Manager of Social Media, and now manages Social and Digital Content at TripCase, part of Sabre, Inc.

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As a mobile technology junky, Ricky is also active in many places around the web. He is currently using Instagram for sharing images of his life and YouTube for his video uploads. Ricky uses Twitter throughout the day to connect with people.

Ricky founded Symbian-Guru.com in November 2006 after spending several years learning and experiencing Nokia’s Symbian-based S60 handsets. At its peak, Symbian-Guru.com had a readership of over 6,000 RSS subscribers and 10-20 new posts per week covering application and hardware reviews, news, and other interesting tidbits. In April 2007 Ricky started Tablet-Guru.com which was later renamed to Maemo-Guru.com, focusing on Nokia’s Maemo-based Internet Tablet product line. Both Symbian-Guru.com and Maemo-Guru.com have since been discontinued.

In September 2007, Ricky was invited to join MobileBurn.com as the News Editor, and he continued there until December 2009.

Ricky joined with the S60 Marketing Team at Nokia in March 2008, as an Ambassador Relations Specialist with the S60 Ambassadors project. Ricky was the point of contact for all of the S60 Ambassadors, and resigned this position in September 2008.

Ricky has been featured in a Press Release at Spinvox.com, as well as being quoted in the FinancialTimes UK.

When he is not playing with cellphones and blogging, Ricky enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and their chocolate lab, Abilene. He also loves traveling and seeking out new adventures.

Ricky’s two life mottoes are ‘Live life to tell great stories’ and ‘Always have fun’. Ricky has a firm belief that technology should enrich and enable your real life, and not inhibit it, and that belief governs pretty much all of the content that you’ll find here.

As a standard disclaimer, the views published here are Ricky Cadden’s, and his alone. They do not reflect the beliefs, opinions, or position of his employer, and should not be construed as such.