Weekend Links #6

Weekend Links is a collection of links that I found over the course of the week. They make for great weekend reading, and come out every Friday, just in time for you to peruse them as you’re trying to find anything else other than work to do.


How a man used 3D printing to help treat his wife’s brain tumor: In the summer of 2013, Pamela Shavaun Scott started having “24/7 severe headaches” — so severe that she couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t before December that she heard for sure that it was a brain tumor. – by Rex Santus – http://mashable.com/2015/01/14/3d-printing-tumor/

Google partners with auto suppliers, enters talks with GM, Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler over self-driving cars: Google is getting serious about its self-driving car initiative. Reuters reports on Wednesday that Google has entered discussions with several top automative manufacturers about self-driving cars, including General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler, the German company behind Mercedes-Benz. – by Joe Rossignol – http://9to5google.com/2015/01/14/google-partnership-gm-ford-vw-daimler-self-driving-cars/

The Ara Configurator app is how you’ll build your custom Project Ara smartphone: Even though Google is a long ways off from selling Project Ara phones directly to consumers, the company took a bit of time to detail its go-to-market strategy, which contained some details on the Puerto Rico pilot program. – by Nathan Ingraham – http://www.theverge.com/2015/1/14/7547495/ara-configurator-app-project-ara-smartphone

Social Media Strategy: How Much Time Does a Good Strategy Really Take?: And in the course of researching, outlining, writing, editing, and writing some more, I also have other hats to wear. Email marketing. Social media strategy. Blog promotion, blog design, and anything else that should happen across my plate. I’m sure you wear a lot of hats, too. – by Kevan Lee – http://blog.bufferapp.com/social-media-strategy

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