Hollywood Is Jacked Up

Going through my RSS this morning, I came across an article on The Verge titled “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 is already slated for a June 3rd, 2016 release” and it made me cry a little inside. There are a few reasons that this headline just makes me sad:

For starters, the movie was only just released a few days ago, on August 8th. That’s less than 3 days in the public, and no time to determine if this even deserves a followup.


Second, reviews are horrible, citing a number of issues, including Megan Fox, horrible CGI, and major changes to the original story line. No one really asked for a remake, and besides, the last TMNT film was made in 1990 – not exactly old by anyone’s standards.

The biggest issue that I have with this, though, is that the studio is already planning a sequel, apparently regardless of ticket sales, reviews, or its general reception. Hollywood has gotten lazy, choosing to remake movies more often than create new material. Most of these remakes aren’t even of movies that were good, nor are they really old. So why is Hollywood remaking movies that nobody liked the first time around, or aren’t really asking to be remade?

Merchandising. That’s right – this entire industry is being fueled not by how many tickets can they sell, but how much crap from the movie can be made into an action figure, doll, or other toy.

Makes me sick.


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