Trimming In Public Overview

Over the years as a blogger and general nerd, I’ve amassed a curated roster of RSS feeds that feed me my news. These RSS feeds have been collected over the years, and while I tried to keep the list clean, it’s finally time to trim this list down. Thus, in taking after Stefan and James, I’m starting my own ‘Trimming in Public’ series.

Trimming In Public

When I ran Symbian-Guru, my RSS feeds list was very valuable – I protected my sources, as they typically allowed me to find out about news first, before anyone else. Since I’m not as protective as that anymore, I’ll do this publicly. The hope is also that you’ll find at least one or two feeds from sites that you weren’t aware of, and thus, improve your RSS news stream, as well.

Each post will contain 20 links, with a brief description of the site, and whether or not I’ve decided to keep it. I’ll update this post, as well, to collect all of the posts in the series, for an easy way to keep up.

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