My 2014 Personal Goals

It’s January, which means you’re supposed to put forth your ‘new year resolutions’. Typically, these are silly, non-SMART goals like ‘eat healthier’, ‘be better’, and junk like that. This year, I only have two main goals or resolutions.

Set Goals

1. Read 1 book per month – I had this goal last year, and only ended up reading about 4 books. However, I immediately saw value in this, and reading is something that I used to do when I was younger, and something that I want to teach my daughter as a priority as she grows up. To set aside time for this, I actually setup a recurring ‘meeting’ at work during lunchtime, and reserved myself a conference room that’s somewhat hidden and not used often. This gives me 1 hour, uninterrupted, nearly every day, to read. I’ve already got a couple of books on my list, but I definitely invite you to leave any recommendations in the comments below.

2. Blog twice a week – I also had this goal last year, and only managed to publish 21 posts, which is shameful. I just recently finished going through my RSS feeds to publish a ‘Trimming In Public’ series, and will be publishing thoughts on more gadgets. We’re also expecting our 2nd child this summer, so there might be some fatherhood-related posts sprinkled in there, as well.

That’s it. Those are my primary goals, at least that I’ll be publishing here.

What are your goals for 2014?

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2 thoughts on “My 2014 Personal Goals

  1. Both of those goals would be great! I really want to start reading again. It’s all about finding time. Oh, and another goal for me is to stop saying “i dont have time”. It’s getting old… i have to do more of a “just do it” approach.
    I also want to start exercising more, and becoming good at sports photography (my wife’s roller derby team) is another goal. Happy 3 weeks into New Year buddy!

  2. Love your goals! They’re pretty similar to what I’ve had on my list for the past 2 New Years. I was looking to blog once every two weeks and read one book per month. Total for this year so far: zero and null. I’ve been improving my reading already but no books finished so far. On the blogging side I keep finding ideas for topics but seem like I don’t have enough to write 🙂

    How have your goals progressed since January?

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