An Underground Blast From The Past

I’m going to go ahead and guess that most of my readers don’t “remember” the 70s, but you probably do remember 1999, which was when Brendan Fraser introduced us to Adam, a young man who lived in an underground bomb shelter with his parents, only to emerge years later in ‘modern times’ and try to figure everything out. For those of us who don’t remember the 70s, this movie was crazy – did people ACTUALLY build whole homes underground, the way they did in the movie?

Underground Home

It turns out, the answer to that question is YES. Our example today is one Girard “Jerry” B Henderson, a former board member of AVON and executive with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. In 1978, he had about $10m extra cash laying around, and was a bit paranoid, so he built himself a lavish underground home in Las Vegas, NV. It’s gone through a few owners since then, but the house is currently on the market for a bargain basement $1.7m (sorry, I had to).

Here’s a video walkthrough with the realtor:

Pretty cool, huh? I could actually see a celebrity picking this one up, just to throw some crazy underground theme parties. You can check out a full photo gallery here.

What’s the craziest house you’ve ever seen?

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