Know Where You Stand

I recently stumbled across this photo set by American photographer Seth Taras, as part of a campaign for The History Channel called “Know Where You Stand”. In it, Taras overlapped photos of historical landmarks with modern photos in the same location.

The results, as you can see below, are striking. This one, in particular, really gave me pause:

Know Where You Stand

We all know the saying “there’s nothing new under the sun,” but we don’t often realize that it applies to places, as well. The house that I live in is nearly 70 years old – I remember when we bought it, it was completely empty, having not been lived in for a couple of years, and I couldn’t help but wonder who designed it, created the floorplan, chose the layout. The room that I call my office – what else has it been used for? How did the previous owners decorate it?

Know Where You Stand

What historical landmark have you been to lately?

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One thought on “Know Where You Stand

  1. You’d like the book Lies Our Monuments Tell. Lots of that kind of questioning of history and the things that make the stories we value (or not). I found it, and its previous books talking on history of the USA quite interesting. It added a new genre of life to look at for sure.

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