Dronestagram Is Awesome

Longtime readers will know that I love to have interesting photography in my feeds and I like drones, so it’s no wonder that I’m currently obsessed with a new site called Dronestagram. The name is actually somewhat unfortunate, since the ‘stagram’ part of it brings to mind awkwardly filtered photos of tacos and beer bottles.

Dronestagram is actually a really cool community of photos taken by drones – unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, whatever you want to call them. Think remote-control quadcopters. With cameras attached. The photos come from all over the world – there’s actually more from Europe than anywhere else, from what I’ve seen.

Beauvoir-en-Lyons, France


(Image by jyrcorp)

Most of the photographers also include plenty of EXIF and metadata on their photos, including the drone used to capture the photo, as well as the camera. Most of the photos are of various landscapes, monuments, etc, but they’re all breathtaking – like looking at the world through the eyes of birds.

I’d definitely recommend losing yourself in the galleries there for a few hours.

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