DROPitTOme Makes Public Upload Easy

One of the fun parts of working at a large brand like RadioShack is that there can sometimes be TONS of bureaucracy getting in the way of just plain getting things done. Often I have an idea, but can’t figure out how to get it accomplished easily. This blog post is about one of those times, and the solution I found to just get it done easily.

We’re working on an internal video project at RadioShack, which the public will likely never see. We also have 25,000+ employees working in our 4,300+ corporately-owned stores around the country, and we wanted to get them involved. They all have phones, obviously, so they can shoot their own video. Unfortunately, these video files will be 15-50MB, at least, which is entirely too large to email. We needed a solution that would allow a HUGE number of people easy access to upload a file to a central location, with minimal overhead.

Of course, my first thought was a web-based FTP upload, but then you have to authenticate. Yes, you can do anonymous FTP, but that’s definitely a security risk, not to mention a spam risk. After posing this issue to my social channels, I came across a service called DROPitTOme, and it seems to work amazingly.

DROPitTOme is a free service that you connect with your Dropbox account – you don’t sign-in through it, you merely give it permission to access your Dropbox, so your login details are safe. Once you’ve connected, you setup a DROPitTOme account, choose your username, and select an upload password. You can then send people to a site that looks like this:


As long as someone knows the password, they can upload files, and there’s a 75MB filesize limit, just to keep things in check. If it gets out of hand, you can easily login to your DROPitTOme account and change the upload password, too.


As you can see, the files get uploaded to a special DROPitTOme folder in your Dropbox account, and you can then access them easily.

DROPitTOme is really easy, and since it doesn’t require you to give your Dropbox username/password to a 3rd party, it’s pretty secure, as well. Here’s to getting things done.

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