Drones Dropping Beer In South Africa

Have you ever been to a concert, wanting a frosty drink, but you go without, knowing that by the time you sit through the line to get your first beer, you might as well just go back to the end of the line, knowing you’ll have downed your first before you get back to the front? In South Africa, they’re looking at using drones to eliminate this horrible situation.

Drones are a hot topic lately. I’ve yet to experiment myself, but I’m strongly considering picking up a Parrot A.R. Drone, which seems to be the leading consumer drone. While many consumers are just tinkering with these for entertainment or hacking purposes, folks in South Africa are working out how they can be used for commercial purposes.

At the OppiKoppi festival in South Africa, for instance, there are efforts to create a swarm of drones that will deliver beer  to concert-goers. Check out the video:

I’m anxiously awaiting the day when my daughter can open the refrigerator door by herself – that’s the first requirement to me to be able to train…..er……teach her how to bring me a beer when I ask for one.

What would YOU use a drone to deliver?

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