Using IFTTT To Backup Kindle Highlights To Evernote

I’ve known about for a while. If you’re not familiar, the IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. Its a web service that lets you create “recipes” that automate different processes. You can create your own recipes, or you can browse ones that other people have created, and either use them as-is or tweak them to your liking.


As I’ve recently been exploring the service, I setup and customized a handful of recipes. I’ve also been thinking about other things that I would like to automate using IFTTT, now that my creative juices are flowing. I’ve also been getting back to reading my Kindle, and I realized that I would love to have a way to backup my Kindle Highlights to an Evernote folder. This would be tremendously useful, as well as searchable, etc.

After a bit of poking around, unfortunately, I realized that Amazon has effectively kept these on lockdown. You can browse a page with all of your highlights, but you must be logged in to do so, and there is no RSS feed available, which is frustrating.

I thought I had found a solution tonite, when I noticed that I could tweet out my highlights. I quickly setup a new Twitter account specifically for this, and then tweeted a test highlight:


This worked brilliantly, though I was a bit disappointed in being stuck with Twitter’s 140-character limit. I was, however, pleased to see my IFTTT recipe work, with a new entry in my freshly-created ‘Amazon Highlights’ folder:


Unfortunately, the link included in the tweet doesn’t seem to work. That’s the missing part, the one I need to solve for.

I don’t understand why Amazon wouldn’t want this information out there. Providing me with an RSS feed for my highlights wouldn’t really be a major undertaking, and would honestly result in me using Kindle MORE, as I would be more inclined to highlight things, and you can only highlight things by reading things to find things to highlight.

Anyone have any ideas?

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5 thoughts on “Using IFTTT To Backup Kindle Highlights To Evernote

  1. Hi Ricky ! I had the exact same issue until I found out that the less frustrating way was to display all the highlights on the amazon webpage and export the page on Evernote through the Chrome Extension.

  2. I use IFTTT for many many things. Was hoping to find a similar solution. Would love to export all highlights from each book to its own Evernote note. No such luck it seems. Kindle does have the new copy to clipboard feature which is a step in the right direction. Manual for now!

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