Sony #ActionCam HDR-AS15 Unboxing

Say what you will about Klout and its algorithms, they’re great at connecting influencers with brands. I’ve been getting Klout Perks for a while now – thus far, I’ve gotten some Axe hair gel, a 3-day loan of a Chevy Sonic, and a Samsung Windows Phone device. Just the other day, I got my fourth Klout Perk – an ActionCam HDR-AS15 from Sony Electronics with waterproof housing and headband mount.

Sony HDR-AS15

The camera itself has a wide-angle lens, and only a few buttons. There’s a giant pause/record button on the back, along with a handy ‘hold’ button to prevent accidental shooting. There’s a small display on the side, with ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons for navigating through the menus, and that’s about it. The included battery is rechargeable via microUSB, and the camera uses microSD cards (though there wasn’t a memory card in the box, which baffles me).

I’ve always been fond of Klout’s packaging prowess – check it out:


So, included in this perk is:

Sony HDR-AS15

Sony HDR-AS15 WiFi-enabled actioncam
Waterproof housing
Extra sticky-mounts
Headband mount

Sony HDR-AS15

And all the cords/cables that come with. I’ve got a few ideas for how to test this bad-boy out, but I’m open to more. Knowing the mounts I have…

How would YOU test the Sony HDR-AS15 ActionCam?

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