TPU S-Line Case For Nexus 4 Review

After a few weeks of being on backorder, my Google LG Nexus 4 finally arrived a few weeks ago. I’ve been loving the phone, but was very aware that both the front and back were glass – something I’m not used to on a phone. Having dropped my previous Galaxy Nexus a few times, I knew I needed to get a case to protect my new Nexus 4. Unfortunately, since the phone is so new, it’s very difficult to get cases as of yet.

I normally go for an Otterbox Commuter – they’re relatively cheap, not too bulky, and offer 2 layers of protection. Sadly, Otterbox doesn’t make a case for the Nexus 4 (yet – there’s a petition here to encourage them to do so). There were a few threads on XDA about the S-Line TPU case, so I figured I’d give that a shot.


I ordered the S-Line TPU case from Kay’s Case on Amazon, primarily because I could use Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping. The case is available for cheaper elsewhere, but I was tired of waiting.

TPU stands for Thermoplastic Urethane, which is basically a plastic-rubber material. It’s firm, not like the ‘gel’ skins that used to be all the rage. The case arrived quickly, and I shot a quick overview video when it came in


As you can see, it’s a decent little case for under $15, and it provides plenty of protection for the Nexus 4. The corners are all covered, the holes for the various ports are appropriately cut (if not a little too large for my tastes), and it adds a lip around the front screen, to protect it when you lay the phone face-down on a table.

The added grips on the side are a nice touch, and I like that they split the volume button, as well. Overall, I would definitely recommend this case, until Otterbox releases their Commuter for the Google LG Nexus 4.

What type of case do you prefer for your phone?

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