Experience Iceland

As much as I hate to acknowledge it, there are parts of this planet that I’ll never see in my lifetime. There’s just not enough time and money (at least not enough in my possession) to see it all. However, there are people who will, and they often take photos and videos that I can easily enjoy, here and there. It’s not the same, but it’s close enough that it’ll have to do.

Iceland is one of those places – I’ve heard it’s an amazing place to visit, and hopefully I’ll make it over there some day, but for now, it’s probably got a rather secure place on my bucket list. Thanks to Mono, I’m able to experience part of Iceland with this 12-minute-long music video of ‘Legend: A Journey Through Iceland’. Not only is it some breathtaking footage, but it’s great music, too.

So here’s how to really take this in – switch over to HD, click the ‘fullscreen’ button, and if you can, slap on some headphones, preferably of the noise-cancelling variety. Enjoy.


Awesome, isn’t it?

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One thought on “Experience Iceland

  1. Iceland is not that out of reach – I went there on the way to Germany as flying Icelandair was the best deal, plus if you connect thru Reykjavik you can stay for up to 5 nights there without an extra cost onto your flight!


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