Dropbox Does It Right

The Cloud Storage Wars are heating up, and it’s going to be interesting to see the tactics that the various players choose. There’s only so much free storage you can give consumers before it all becomes meaningless (See Cell Phone Minutes as an example), so it’s going to come down to cross-platform compatibility, but also just plain customer service/delight. To that point, Dropbox has a good lead on the rest of the industry, and they’re recognizing that. Recently, Dropbox announced that it would double the amount of storage that its ‘Pro’ (paying) customers would receive. No tricks, just whatever you were paying for, you now have twice as much. Brilliant.



Even more brilliant was the company’s next move – it began sending out emails to its earliest paid subscribers, thanking them for being a fan of the service for so long, and making their previously paid subscription free – for life:


Let’s be real — you’ve got a ton of cred for being one of the earliest Dropbox users on the block. For sticking with us for all this time, we’d like to give you your 25 GB subscription for free! No fine print, no catches. You’ll no longer receive a bill for your current Dropbox account. It’s yours for good!

Keep it real,

– The Dropbox Team

PS: Learn more about the new Dropbox Pro plans

Absolutely brilliant. No one knows how many of these letters they sent out – obviously there’s a cost involved, but I would imagine that the number of paid subscribers that Dropbox added in the past few weeks has more than paid for this promotion to its oldest supporters. Don’t forget to also count the value of the word of mouth sharing that the affected customers generated. Brilliant.

Great job, Dropbox. Skydrive/SugarSync/Box/etc – your move.

**I’ve got plenty of storage on Dropbox, but if you aren’t using it yet, I’d ask you to use my affiliate link, so we both get a little extra**

What cloud service do you use? If you’re like me, you’ve got them all, so which one do you use the MOST?

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One thought on “Dropbox Does It Right

  1. yeah, i have most cloud storage services – but i use box.net almost exclusively for three reasons:

    1. I got 50GB free for life from them when i bought my HP Touchpad
    2. WebDAV support for box works greaet, so i have native access from windows, mac, linux, and most mobile OS platforms (haven’t tried iOS, does it do DAV?)
    3. Since I was able to upgrade my friends and family to 50GB for free, i have a lot of contacts that use box pretty much exclusively too. The sharing features are great and having family use the same platform means we actually use features like task management for various files.

    Nice to hear that dropbox is now giving 25GB to some people, but having double that for free from box.net makes it less than compelling to me…

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