Every Content Creator’s Dream

I’m a content creator at heart – I love building things from nothing, creating things to share with others. This blog is an obvious result of that. Part of creating content is the thoughts of how people will receive your creation – it’s what motivates, but can also be what cripples.

In any case, during production of The Hobbit, director Peter Jackson has been posting video blog diary entries along the way, bringing the audience in to the movie and giving some awesome behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. The most recent, published yesterday, is below. The second part highlights the final days of shooting and production, with comments from the cast and crew. However, the first half is what really knocked me around a bit.


Every content creator, whether they admit it or not, dreams of a day when people would cheer for what they’ve created. Such passionate fans are what it’s all about, really. Amazing.

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