Introducing The Voicemail

I used to listen to podcasts religiously – I downloaded them straight to my phone and listened to them on my Bluetooth headset back in the day. That was back when I had an hour commute to and from work, so I had plenty of time to listen. I don’t anymore, but I’m going to make time to listen to this one.

Starting today, my close friends James Whatley and Stefan Constantinescu are doing a podcast called ‘The Voicemail’. It’s a 30-minute podcast that they’ll record every other week, about the mobile industry.










Stefan’s been obsessed with the mobile industry about as long as I have – in fact, he started his own blog, about the same time I started Over the years, we ranged from bitter enemies to good friends, and I’ve always enjoyed talking with him – he’s a really bright dude, and brutally honest. He sold RingNokia to IntoMobile years ago and that’s where he currently writes. He’s @WhatTheBit on Twitter.

James was an accountant, originally, I believe, before he started working in mobile and later, social media. His ‘big gig’ was with Spinvox, a brilliant company that let you receive your voicemail messages as text. He then moved about, landing at 1000heads for a while, and I believe he’s now at Ogilvy in London with some posh title doing something with social. James is @Whatleydude on Twitter.

They even setup a website at It’s brilliant. Go download the episode now.

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