Everything You Need To Know About SIM Cutting

When the iPhone 4 was announced with a new ‘microSIM’, I’ll confess, I was really annoyed. Leave it to Apple to jack around with a standard that’s been around for years. Turns out, it wasn’t just Apple – lots of newer devices require this minuscule SIM card, including the Motorola DROID RAZR and Nokia’s Lumia phones. One reason I dislike microSIMs is because they disrupt the universal compatibility of the SIM card. One solution is to use a microSIM adapter and cut your SIM.

(Image credit: Wikipedia)

This is quite daunting, given that a wrong snip can render your SIM card useless, which sucks. Always the helpful bunch, AllAboutSymbian put together this incredibly in-depth walkthrough of SIM cards in general, including the various types of cutters/adapters, and tested with various devices.

It’s well worth the read.

Have you cut your SIM, or are you planning to?

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One thought on “Everything You Need To Know About SIM Cutting

  1. If you don’t like micro-SIMs, you’re going to hate the new nano-SIMs that will be required by the iPhone 5. They are smaller and THINNER than the micro-SIMs.

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