Join Me For Daily Google+ Hangouts

Ah, Google+. Social Media folks like me love to hate on Google+, mainly because we’re essentially being forced to use it, as we rely on Google for just about everything else (SEO, search, ads, etc). While I don’t know that Google+ will ever unseat Facebook as the go-to social networking service, it’s pretty clear that it’s here to stay, so we might as well all get comfortable using it, and really explore what you can and cannot do there. You can find my personal Google+ account at, and while you’re there, support me in my job and add RadioShack to your circles, too (

As we’re still working on a real content strategy for RadioShack’s Google+ page, I’ve been using as many features as I can for my personal account. One that I’m having trouble testing is Hangouts, mainly because you can’t test this on your own – you absolutely HAVE to have others to participate. So, here’s what I’m going to do – every weekday (Monday-Friday), I’m going to be hanging out from 1:30p-2p CST on my personal account. What I need are people to hang out with.

I’ve no idea what we’ll talk about – I can bring some of the latest phones that RadioShack has, and anything else that I’m testing at the moment, or we can just geek out over what a RadioShack conference room looks like for half an hour. The important thing is that this will be a great opportunity to A) talk ‘face to face’ with people online and B) explore the various features/capabilities of Google+ Hangouts. Fair warning, I’ll be testing various features, so I may ‘kick you out’ or mute you or something – it’s not personal, but I have to test these things out.

Hopefully you’ll stop by. I’ll start tomorrow, Monday, February 6th. Since I know I have a bunch of international friends, the time is 130p CST, which is GMT -6, I believe. Here’s a handy chart to help figure out what time that is locally for you.

Time Zones

Hopefully you’ll join me.

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