iPad 2 For Content Creation At CES

When the Apple iPhone came out, it changed the game, but only for some parts of the mobile industry. One aspect that it didn’t even come close to touching was that of ‘content creation’. In fact, most of us who had already been creating content – blogs, podcasts, videos, photos, etc decided that the iPhone was ideal for ‘content consumption’, not creation. There’s quite a difference there, and it fit.

However, while other platforms and devices are still awesome for creating content, the iPhone (and its larger brethren, the iPad) are now realistic tools of content creation. Heck, just head over to iPadCreative.com to see some great examples of this. In my job at RadioShack, content creation is a large part of my job description, and it’s awesome that I have plenty of devices to choose from. I also have a cool boss, so when I saw the iPad Movie Mount from Makayama last year, I told him I was buying one, and he said ‘cool.’

We got the mount, played with it a bit, and decided the iPad 2’s 720p video capture was perfect to really make the most of it, so we took three iPad 2’s with us to CES last week to shoot ALL of our footage with it. Here’s the video explaining our rig:


Filming with the iPad 2 at CES was crazy – there were people actually taking videos/photos of US instead of the booths! Most of the comments were positive, how it was cool to see something outside-the-box like that. For me, it was interesting not using a phone, which I’m used to at events and such. You can view all of our videos here.

I would definitely shoot with the iPad again – we had some extra bits included that allowed us to use 2 wireless lav mics and a 3rd handheld wireless mic, but other than that, it was straight up iPad.

What do you think? 

Tech Bloggers: would you consider shooting ALL of your next event coverage with a phone or tablet, instead of a pro camera?

Everyone Else: does seeing products being USED by a company make you more likely to consider buying them from that company?

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