A New Year Begins

Wow, it’s hard to believe that an entire year has already passed. What a crazy one it’s been, too. In March, I started a new position as the Social Media Community Manager at RadioShack, taking the lead on all of our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and The Shack Blog content. It’s been exciting and fun, but challenging, too. In July, I became a daddy to a beautiful little girl – what an adventure that’s been. The rest of the year has mostly been spent learning how life works with a kiddo – it’s entirely different than life before, that’s for sure.

20111231-133842.jpgSo, what are my plans for 2012? For starters, I’m going to continue focusing on blogging more. I did a decent job of keeping this site updated through 2011, and I intend to continue that this year. I may even get crazy and go for a complete redesign, who knows. I have always wanted a hand-drawn theme for this site, so maybe I’ll finally do that. At the very least, you should expect to see more regular updates here.

Another goal for 2012 is to read a book every month. When I was a kid, I read all the time. I read all the Bluebonnet books, most of the Newberry Award winners, all that. I read a lot through high school too, and in college, by gradually drifted off. Most books will be business-oriented, with a healthy mix of Christian non-fiction and maybe something random thrown in. I’ll try to do a book review each month here, but I always hated writing book reviews in school, so maybe not.

Last, to use mobile technology more to create content. I used to do this nonstop, and I got spoiled with a laptop. So, for 2012, I’m going to try to create with my phone and iPad more. Starting with this post – it was written entirely on my iPad. More photos and videos, too. I’d like to say ill take a photo of something everyday and a video once a week, but we’ll see how that goes.

So that’s it – nothing fancy or major. What are your goals for 2012? I would challenge you to adopt the mobile technology one, personally. Most people would be astonished at what you can do with just the phone in your pocket.

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