NAO Next Gen: One Step Closer To The Future

NAO Next GenAs a tech geek, I’m constantly looking at the technology that we have available today and how I think it will progress over the next few years. I’m also firmly convinced that technology should enrich and enable our real lives, without getting in the way. One way tech will do that in the future is robotics. There are so many mundane tasks that we do repeatedly that could be handled with robotics, freeing us to do other things.

Robotics are nothing new, but over the past few years, there have been major advancements, specifically in the realm of humanoid robots, that look and act like humans. The latest demonstration of this is the NAO Next Gen from Aldebaran Robotics. This little robot is roughly 2ft tall and is incredibly capable. Check out the video below:


That’s just plain awesome. Currently, the NAO Next Gen is for developers only, priced at around $5,600 for a developer membership. Imagine when these little guys are $1,000 each, or even less!

Here’s an idea of what I would train mine to do:


What would you teach your NAO to do for you?

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