My Third Klout Perk – Windows Phone – Part 1

Klout has been a hot topic lately, with many social media folks declaring it bunk, crazy, and making a big hooey about deleting their accounts. Instead, I’ve been exploring it, trying to find the value. While this is interesting to me as a consumer, it’s also directly related to my job as Social Media Community Manager at RadioShack. My first Klout Perk was from Axe, and my second was the #KloutChevySonic. The third was a two-parter from Windows Phone that included a free Windows Phone device, as well as VIP access to a party in Dallas.

Windows Phone Klout Perk

The Party

The party was held in downtown Dallas at a snazzy fashion place. I’m not much into the ‘club’ scene, so that’s about all I know. They had the line split in two – VIP and ‘the regulars’. However, I was able to get my wife in the VIP line with me easily, and was also able to transfer my friend Philip from the ‘regulars’ line to the VIP easily, so they weren’t too strict on it. Once through the line, you registered, connecting your wristband to your Facebook account. The wristband was used to ‘check-in’ to various points throughout the venue to be eligible for various drawings.

They had food and drinks, but you got tokens when you checked in to be able to get the food and drinks. Since I was registered officially as VIP, I got a couple of drink tokens and a handful of food tokens – my wife and Philip weren’t ‘officially’ VIP, so they only received food tokens, and would have to buy their drinks (the alcohol ones, anyways. Sodas were free). They only had one food line, and it was INSANE, so we opted out entirely. The drink line was relatively short, and the waitstaff was friendly. They did have cookies and such that didn’t require a token at all.

The room was setup with live device demos EVERYWHERE, but oddly, there were only about 4 different models shown. Basically, there were probably 30-40 different devices on demo, but they were pretty much all the same. Also, Windows Devices (for now) are pretty much all the same hardware, thanks to Microsoft’s requirements, so aside from a few style cues, there’s not much differentiation between them.

There was a small stage in the middle, and they used this as a launching point throughout the night for device giveaways, as well as the Young the Giant concert. The stage was on the floor and it was quite the intimate evening.

If I had never seen a Windows Phone before, I would likely have enjoyed the evening. The music was hopping, there was alcohol, and the crowd was pretty young and preppy.

Tomorrow I’ll share details about the device portion of this Klout Perk.

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