In The Driver’s Seat – #KloutChevySonic

I’ve already had to return the Chevy Sonic that I had on loan for a weekend through Klout, but I did manage to shoot another video of the interior of the car, this time with my 6-foot frame stuffed inside. The Chevy Sonic is definitely a compact car, but it was actually quite nice for a few days. Here’s a peek at the inside:


We had a great time cruising through the backroads of Texas in the Chevy Sonic. It performed great on the highway, streets, and even dirt/gravel roads winding up the hills of Texas. It rained/drizzled the entire trip – from the time we left our driveway to the time we returned, so we were really grateful for the wipers on the front windshield, but also the rear wiper, so I could see what was coming up behind me.

The Chevy Sonic came with several music options, including XM Radio and inputs for my iPod. The XM Radio was awesome – hundreds of stations, mostly commercial-free, and they worked everywhere, without having to re-tune when we came in or out of range. It was beautiful. The controls on the steering wheel of the Sonic also made it easy for me to adjust the music without taking my eyes off the road.

The iPod hookups weren’t as easy. There are 2 standard 3.5mm audio-in plugs on the Sonic – one in the front dashboard and one in a small compartment above the glovebox (shown in the video above). These work as expected, and were how we used the iPod. There is a USB input in that small compartment, and when I plugged my iPod’s USB cable in there, it was a more robust connection, showing the currently playing song on the radio display and allowing me to browse the current playlist with the steering wheel controls. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out how to browse through the rest of the iPod this way – if I wanted to load up a different playlist, for instance. I did not read the manual, and it’s entirely likely that I just missed a button somewhere, but it wasn’t obvious, so I didn’t use that option.

How do you listen to music in your car?

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