Introduction: #KloutChevySonic

A few weeks ago, I got an email that I was eligible for a new Klout Perk from Chevy, so I clicked over to check it out. Apparently, Chevy is launching a new vehicle called the Sonic. It’s their new super small car, and they offered folks with certian Klout scores a free 3-day loan to test the car out and see what it’s about. So….I filled in my information and picked up the car this afternoon.

Here’s my quick walkthrough video of the car itself:


Apologies for the crappy quality – I have a new ROM on my G2 and I experimented with the 720p settings. I’ll use a different phone the rest of the time.

In any case, that’s the car – I’ll be logging the trip each day, highlighting new discoveries of the car and cool features. I’ve never ‘reviewed’ a car before, so I’m pretty jazzed for the opportunity.

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