My First Klout Perk

I don’t remember when I started using Klout. Given that it seems to track everyone’s Twitter account by default, I suppose one never really ‘starts’ using Klout (rather, you simply start using Klout more…). In any case, earlier this year, Klout launched one of the most logical monetization strategies for a company who classifies people into various ‘levels’ of influencers – it sells access to different levels of users to brands. This is in the form of a ‘Klout Perk‘. The naming is ingenious – it makes you feel like it’s an extra that you get as a thanks for using Klout, as opposed to a vehicle for advertisers to reach you. Either way, a Klout Perk can be awarded to you based on your level of influence around a certain topic. Advertisers, such as Axe, may say ‘I want to send a free sample of my new hair gel to males aged 18-34 that talk alot about technology’ and Klout is able to serve those demographics up.

This was an actual Klout Perk, and the first one that I bothered to redeem. Redeeming a Klout Perk is easy – you just click the ‘Claim This Perk’ button and off you go. A few weeks later, the package arrived in the mail:

Klout Perk

Not bad, and the card is pleasantly polite. On the back are a list of ‘code of ethics’ that anyone who’s done any sort of brand ambassador work is familiar with:

1. Klout will never sell or give away your contact info

2. Participating (or not participating) will not change your Klout Score

3. You are receiving the product because your are influential and have authority on tipics related to the product. You are welcome to tell the world you love the product, you dislike the product, or say nothing at all.

4. If you decide to talk about the product, we will ask you to disclose that you received a sample (

Standard stuff. Overall, not a bad experience, but having done this a few times for Nokia and RadioShack, I immediately notice some room for improvement:

1. The confirmation on says I should receive my sample in 1-2 weeks. It took three for me to get my sample. Always under-promise and over-deliver. I would rather be told it will take 3 weeks from the beginning.

2. The package came in a plain white envelope, standard ground. If you’re not going to pony up for faster shipping, at least pony up for some branded packaging. The Klout Perks icon is an orange/red box with a blue inside, so why not use something similar to actually ship the Perks out in?

3. There is absolutely no documentation about the product itself (Axe’s new Hold+Touch ‘spiking glue’ (that’s hairgel). Why is it better, are there any usage tips? If I want more info, what’s the URL? Sure, most of that information is on the tube itself, but a small insert highlighting why it’s so cool would have been a big improvement.

Klout Perks Header

Have you received a Klout Perk yet? What was your experience like?

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