Churches Going Social

I wrote previously about my church using SMS to add to the sermon experience, so I wasn’t too surprised to see this added to the information card that’s part of our bulletin:

Social Media At Church

In addition to the regular information that you’re invited to share, our church now has fields for you to fill in your Facebook or Twitter username, which is quite interesting. I immediately wondered how they would use this for outreach, which led me to wonder if our church has a Facebook or Twitter profile. Turns out, they have both Twitter and Facebook. (Personal note: I need to find out who manages these). Interestingly enough, there is no mention of these accounts in the bulletin, nor is there a link from the church’s website ( It could be that they’re in ‘soft-launch’ mode, but still interesting.

So, back to the original thought: What would I expect to ‘get’ from the church by sharing my Facebook/Twitter username on this form? If I had thought more about it during service, I would have put my usernames down to see if they would follow. I’m interested to find out how they use this info. If YOU had put your information down, what would YOU expect to get from the church?

And, back to the second thought, what would I expect to see on the social profiles of my church? Reading through, it looks like they just share reminders about various events, prayer requests (when appropriate to share), and some teasers to get me in the door on Sunday. Good stuff, but a bit light.

How does your church use social media?

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One thought on “Churches Going Social

  1. Looking forward to the answers here (for obvious reasons).

    Personally speaking, my church’s social media presence should be a collection of all of the individual social media presences of all of its contributing members. If you will, my church’s Twitter handle should be an aggregrate of all of the tweets of all of my members (perhaps with a church-specific hashtag to keep some noise down). That would make the pic that you’ve got up there Ricky as a means of simply vetting thru accounts before adding them there.

    Now, why isn’t your church doing these with a mobile website or SMS? That makes more sense, is more directly accounted for, and [should] be sitting beside your church’s content management system for their website, member tracking, and children’s ministry content management systems.

    Yea, I know. I reach a bit.

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