7 Tips For Better Swyping

I’m a huge fan of Swype. I’ve mentioned them here before, in how they address the thriving development community, but I also think Swype is an excellent example of a new way to input text that my kids will probably use. Thankfully, more and more Android-powered smartphones are shipping with Swype pre-installed, which is awesome.

If you’re not familiar, Swype is an onscreen keyboard solution that lets you simply draw a line to connect the letters in the word you’re trying to type, rather than hunting-and-pecking at each individual letter. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you’re there, it’s tremendously helpful, especially for typing while you’re walking or moving, as you don’t need to be quite so accurate.

However, one thing that I didn’t know is that Swype actually has a handful of other useful things you can draw on the keyboard to make things easier. Here’s a quick video from CNET highlighting a few of these cool shortcuts. I know I’ll be using them more, now that I know about them.


Are you a Swype fan, or do you prefer another keyboard?

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One thought on “7 Tips For Better Swyping

  1. I’m trusting Swype that much that I don’t even read what I’m sending.. only very few times I get called on that..

    I’m a fast typer (on a desktop), but am guessing that I’m just a fast on Swype..

    The only thing is that people are laughing when I’m swyping, because they don’t believe I’m actually sending something that can be read.. ;-))

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