SCUBA Mask POV Camera Seems Cool

My wife and I got SCUBA certified last year, and took a dive trip to Cozumel, Mexico (I highly recommend Scuba Club Cozumel if you’re looking – it was an awesome experience). Given this was our first open-ocean dive, we both decided to just enjoy the initial experience, rather than rent or borrow an underwater camera to try and capture to awesome beauty that is under our seas.

Even after the trip, I’m glad we made the decision. I saw a few other divers with us who had cameras, and it seemed like they were so focused on getting the picture that they couldn’t possibly have simply enjoyed the actual dive. However, when I got home, I was left trying to describe some of the awesomeness to friends and family, and came up short.

Enter the Liquid Image Wide Angle Scuba Series HD. This dive mask has a 5 megapixel camera built right into the top of the mask, and even records video at 720p, which is pretty cool. There’s an optional lights attachment for night dives or low-light situations, and the whole shebang is apparently pretty easy to use.

Photo: Spencer Higgins

Unfortunately, at around $500 for the mask and lights, it’s awfully pricey (not that SCUBA gear is cheap, by any means). When we were diving, I had actually thought something like this would be really cool, but didn’t think of the challenges, as put forth in the comments.

For starters, you can’t really get up close and personal with the wildlife with this thing. I for one am not about to stick my face too close to some of the monstrous lobsters or creepy eels that I saw on my dive. Also, the bulk of the cost is in the camera – dive masks are much cheaper. With this solution, if something were to happen to the mask part, you’re out a full $500, as opposed to the ~$50 you would normally be.

A much more useful thing to have built into your mask would of course be a sort of heads-up display. Rather than looking down at gauges on my wrist, how cool would it be if my dive time and depth was projected right there in my field of vision?

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