Checking Out Zazu Mornings

A few days ago, my friend Joe Gallo shot me an IM, asking if I’d heard of Zazu Mornings. I hadn’t, so I installed it on my G2 to check out and give it a spin. Zazu Mornings is an alarm clock app that adds quite a bit of efficiency to your wake-up routine. Of course, there’s an alarm clock function, with a handful of fun (and rousing) ringtones.

In addition to simple alarms, Zazu Mornings reads your phone’s calendar events and pulls in the weather and a selection of RSS feeds, for a nice recap to start your day. The app uses speech-to-text to read all of this information aloud, and the voices have a pleasant tone and some friendly banter included, as well. It’s definitely a cool alternative to a normal buzzer sound.

The best part of Zazu Mornings, though, isn’t the app. When I downloaded, I received the email below, directly from one of the co-founders of Zazu. Obviously it’s an automated form email, but it added quite a nice first impression. I don’t remember adding my email address to the app, so I’m assuming that the developer used my Google email address, since I downloaded from the Android Marketplace.

zazu mornings

In a world of ever-increasing app counts across various platforms, it’s really refreshing to see a developer working to stand out, not only in the quality of his application, but also to boost the experience of using his service, as well. Completely brilliant.

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