Reese Elizabeth Cadden Is Here

Cadden FamilyLast Thursday, my sweet daughter entered the scene at 11:29p. This was our first kiddo, so we weren’t sure what to expect from the day (her water broke at 1a). I can tell you that pretty much everything you think you know about pregnancy and birthing from movies and TV is 100% false. Her water broke at 1a, we didn’t leave for the hospital until 3a, and she walked ~90 feet from the car to the ER, and then stood in there waiting for a little while. There was no speeding to the hospital, she can’t walk, etc.

Also, labor takes for freaking ever. From 3a to about noon, we just kinda hung out in the room. Very little contractions, obviously no baby. I watched two movies on the iPad, took a nap, and was bored to tears. The real action didn’t really start until about 6p, to be honest.

Eventually, though, the action started and now I have an amazing daughter. To be honest, the weirdest part is feeling like you’re on a whole different space-time continuum. I went to the grocery store the day we brought Reese home and was immediately aware that everyone else’s life was just going on – same old, same old, while mine had significantly changed. It was kind of eerie.

I’ve been home all this week with my girls and it’s been quite amazing. There’s literally nothing to compare taking a nap bare-chested with your baby sleeping on your chest, or hearing her little whimpers while she sleeps.

Because I’m me, I briefly considered setting up a ‘daddy blog’ – I tend to want to start a blog about anything new or exciting in my life. However, I eventually decided to just insert that content here, instead. If you’re one of my 10 readers, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about my experiences and discoveries around fatherhood. Of course, I’ll still be keeping an eye out for examples of technology enriching and enabling real life, so don’t worry about that.

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8 thoughts on “Reese Elizabeth Cadden Is Here

  1. Congratulations. Going to be interesting reading how you raise her in today’s crazy world. If you give her a mobile phone before she hits 10 years old, hell, even 14 years old, I’m going to fly to Texas and smack you myself.

    Oh and call me when she turns 18.

    Just kidding. NOT!

  2. Congratulations Rick to you and your Wife. Glad both are doing well. There is NO greater felling or harder job than being a daddy!

  3. Please do Daddy blog here, as this is –  all things that interest you!

    Happy Fourth of July!  And Congrats again to Christina and you.


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