Autoglass 2020 Could Be The Windshield Of The Future

Automotive is one of the industries that, from a consumer perspective, has missed the breakneck speed of innovation that mobile has enjoyed. Sure, there have been advancements in terms of safety, fuel consumption, and the like, but the consumer experience hasn’t really changed much in the past decade or so. We’re already seeing that begin to change with the introduction of rear-view cameras and automatic driving technology, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

To prove this, here’s a video of Autoglass 2020, a vision of what the ‘connected windshield’ might look like.


It’s pretty fascinating, really, especially when you factor in the GPS talking to the car’s internal systems. Rather than a generic (and completely unhelpful) ‘Service Engine Soon’ light, your car could tell you that there’s a hole in the muffler and there are five muffler shops within fifteen miles, two of which are highly rated on Yelp.

By embedding this in the windshield, it (theoretically) is much safer than installing a 7-inch LCD touchscreen in the dashboard. This is a great example of how technology could enrich and enable real life, by letting your car be a much more interactive experience.

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3 thoughts on “Autoglass 2020 Could Be The Windshield Of The Future

  1. First in aircrafts (starting from 2-nd world war) then in cars from 88.  So it is last century invention, really. Nothing new.

    1. The connected part is what’s awesome, though. Of course, simple heads-up displays aren’t new, but ones that are able to use GPS to determine your location, search for nearby POIs, etc certainly are.

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