Powermat Isn’t Satisfied With Cellphones

Powermat is an awesome example of a tech company embracing my belief that technology should enrich and enable your real life. If you don’t know, Powermat produces wireless charging solutions for cellphones (currently). They use magnetic induction to charge your devices without having to plug them in. Currently, you need to have a Powermat-enabled device, either through a device-specific case or a universal adapter, and the Powermat charging pad. Once you’re all setup, you simply place your device on the mat and boom, instant wireless electricity. It’s really quite cool, and affordable, as well.

The company isn’t satisfied with cellphones, though, as Boy Genius Report discovered at the 2011 Mobile World Congress this month. Powermat is already working with auto manufacturers such as General Motors, to implement Powermat charging pads in the consoles of their vehicles. They’re also working with a company called Arconas that manufactures the seats you sit on while waiting for your flight at the airport, to include a charging mat in those, as well.


The really interesting part, though, is that Powermat is also eyeing your kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly. The company envisions all of the counter space in your kitchen being a monstrous Powermat charging pad, and small electric appliances such as your blender, coffee maker, or food processor. Rather than seeking an outlet and having cords and cables to all your little appliances littering the counter, you’ll simply place your toaster on the counter and Powermat will do the rest. The technology can apparently be incorporated to the underside of your countertop, and works through all materials, even granite.

It’s quite impressive, and really gets my brain going about all the other uses we could see for this. Powermat is definitely going to be an interesting company to watch in the next few years. They’re obviously looking at ways to use their technology to enrich and enable our real lives, and that’s awesome.

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