Samsung’s Flexible Transparent AMOLED Displays Are Awesome

One my favorite videos from the onslaught that was CES 2011 was probably also one of the shortest, showing off Samsung’s new flexible and transparent AMOLED displays. These don’t seem to be full production-ready just yet, but they have some really awesome potential uses, nonetheless.

Think back to some of your favorite science-fiction movies, especially ones that take place in the future. Typically they have some sort of flexible or transparent display technology being used somewhere. A digital newspaper you can literally roll up and stick under your arm or slip into your bag, or a window that shows you information about what you’re seeing.

The more I watch this video, the more cool uses I can come up with for these sweet little displays. Imagine a wristwatch made of a single display that’s connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Fossil is already doing this, albeit without the cool display. It’s not much of a stretch to use the display instead. What about a layer on your car’s windshield that can show augmented reality GPS navigation, putting a graphical overlay on the real world as you see it driving?

Another more mundane (and slightly disturbing) use-case is for product packaging. How many times have you been looking at a product package and are unable to determine some bit of information from what’s printed there? What if one panel on the box was a touchscreen display where you could even peruse the owner’s manual before purchasing the product, to see if it has the feature you’re hoping for?

It’s definitely awesome to think about the many cool things we could use these displays for. What can you think of? Here’s the video:



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