Ovi Maps Reporter Gets More Options

I normally don’t do ‘news’ posts on this site, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Nokia’s Ovi Maps service, from the day it was conceived and I used it on my Nokia N80 with the Bluetooth-enabled GPS puck velcroed to my windshield. Now that I’m a full-time Android user, I definitely miss having Ovi Maps on my phone. The maps are nicer to look at, the voices are immensely superior, and I rather enjoy the bevy of options available. The only thing (and I mean ONLY thing) that sucks about Ovi Maps? The POI database.

Fortunately, Nokia is aware of this, and recently added a new mini-app inside of Ovi Maps called Ovi Maps Reporter. This little app lets you report various inconsistencies in Ovi Maps’ locations and POIs directly to Nokia, where they have a team dedicated to investigating and then updating what gets reported. The latest update to this lets you pick any point on the map and report whether it’s a missing street, incorrect address, blocked street, and more.

While most of Nokia’s other Ovi services have floundered with little to no resources (as best as I can tell), it’s definitely nice to see Ovi Maps getting consistent attention. If you’re still using a Symbian-powered smartphone, you should see this new ability in the Map Reporter app already part of the latest beta of Ovi Maps.

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3 thoughts on “Ovi Maps Reporter Gets More Options

  1. I agree with you Ricky. The Ovi Maps app has far superior voice nav than google maps and the map imaging is prettier (whereas google maps looks more map-like vs PND-like). Glad to see Nokia using crowdsourcing as a way to supplement the POIs.

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