Longboarding With The Nokia N8

Not too long ago, Nokia WOM World sent me an N8 Producers package, which included a bicycle helmet with a custom phone mount on the front, a Gorillapod tripod, and a backpack to carry it all in. They simply asked that I use them to make a video with the Nokia N8, to submit to the Nokia N8 Producers contest.

Initially, I had trouble figuring out what to make a video of, but finally I had a day off, so I called my little brother and his buddy to drive up and we’d make a video of them longboarding. Longboarding is kinda like surfing on streets – instead of a wave, you find a good hill and ride down. They can actually get going pretty fast, and it looks like a ton of fun.

So, with the N8 fully charged, we set out with the N8 Producers helmet, Gorillapod, and my trusty Quikpod for a day of filming. After a bit of editing, here’s the final video:


This was all filmed with the Nokia N8, which handled the day easily. Unfortunately, at one point the N8 somehow got switched out of filming in full 720p HD, so some shots are 4:3 while others are 16:9. Aside from that, the N8 was quite an awesome video camera, as you’ll see. I’ve been a huge proponent of phontography, so I was pleased to see the N8 doing so well.

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3 thoughts on “Longboarding With The Nokia N8

  1. That’s pretty sweet footage. Minus the 4:3 ad 16:9 parts I forgot it was an N8 for a good part even though I knew before watching it.

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