LauncherPro Makes Android More Awesome

One of my all-time favorite Android applications is LauncherPro. It’s available for free on the market, or you can pony up $3 through Paypal for the Plus version, which gives you a few extra features, including some widgets that mimic the popular Sense ones. LauncherPro replaces your phone’s homescreen and main menu, and lets you customize nearly every aspect as you see fit. It runs right alongside your default launcher, which means you can install it, check it out, and if you don’t like it, just uninstall it – no harm done. You don’t need root access or anything fancy, either.

So, why do I love it so much? For starters, LauncherPro lets you customize the dock that sits at the bottom of your screen. Typically, the default docks on most Android phones – including ones with Stock Android, HTC Sense, or even Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface – have crappy selections for the dock – probably a phone link, a main menu button, and a browser button or settings one. Worthless. With LauncherPro, I can get five slots – I can use them all, or leave a few empty, if I wanted. What’s even better, though, is that I can also assign swipe gestures to each of those. With swipe gestures, LauncherPro turns 5 shortcuts into 10 – freakin awesome.

To help show you how this all works, I put together a quick video walkthrough of my current LauncherPro setup:


You can get more ideas on how to setup your LauncherPro on this thread at XDA, or you can head over to the LauncherPro forums.

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2 thoughts on “LauncherPro Makes Android More Awesome

  1. Ricky, where did you get the custom dock background?

    I currently have three docks with three shortcuts each.
    1. Phone – App Launcher – Web
    2. GTalk – SMS – Gmail
    3. Google Reader – A contact – Twitter

    Worth noting that LauncherPro makes apps like Agenda Widget even better because it enables “Scrolling widgets”. I also like the ability to rename shortcuts, drop shortcuts to the homescreen from within the launcher (press and hold) and a few others that I’ve forgotten at the moment.

    thank for the video


    1. I forgot where exactly I got the custom dock background – I have a few of them (also have some custom icon packs that I use sometimes). I’ll have to work on a post showing that off, too. I know it’s long, but seriously, scroll through that XDA thread sometime – I looked through all the pages over about a week or so and got some really good ideas on how I wanted to get things setup.

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