Nokia N8 Unboxing Video

So, the Nokia N8 was announced in like, March, and today, in November, was the first time I have seen one in person. My old friends at Nokia were kind enough to send me a review unit so I could see if their latest and greatest is anything of an improvement. Long-time readers will remember that back in July, I gave up on Nokia and Symbian, largely due to the horrendous experience I had with my Nokia N97. I’ve been using a Nexus One since then, and am quite enjoying the Android platform.

However, I believe that somewhere within the company, Nokia has the right people to really blow consumers’ minds, if only they’re allowed to execute. Thus, I’m checking out the N8 because I know the company is really banking on it, and employees such as Chanse Arrington have told me time and time again that the N8 is an improvement, so I want to see for myself.

Here’s the unboxing video:


Expect more thoughts on the Nokia N8 from me over the next few weeks. I’ll try to keep my tweeting to a minimum and focus on posting things here, so it’s easier to keep up with.

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4 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Unboxing Video

  1. Keeping Tweeting to a minimum? Bah, use Twitter for instant comments that you archive for further rumination on for the fuller writings. Didn’t you say over at Rita’s site that you’ve been looking or that blogging mojo to stay more consistent? That’s how ya do it man (and yes, I know the daily juggles, mine are crazy, but to that end, twitter helps).

    Looking forward to your impressions. And honestly, can pretty much predict what you will say 😉

  2. Ricky, great to hear that you are able to test this thing out! I love mine, but have a really serious question?!! I just read something that at first I though was silly but now has me concerned. If your N8’s screen is locked and you press the physical button at the bottom, the clock that shows up, is the color of it purple a bit does it have that kind of a hue to it? Please let me know. Thanks

  3. i am looking forward to your thoughts too. as an ex s60 user i have moved on to android (and currently using the iphone 4 for a change but will be giving it to my wife in a week or so) but still have a soft spot in my heart for nokia. i would love to see them bring out something as exciting and revolutionary as the n95 was in its day. i left s60 after the n97 too and remember telling you that you were wrong to judge android based on your experiences using the eris (or something similar) when you had a list of things you hated about android on your old site. i bought the n8 two weeks ago to give it a shot and while the hardware was amazing for the most part, i hated using the phone. my priorities no longer revolve around having the best camera on my phone, and have evolved to needing a great browsing experience, a great email and sms experience, and a great multimedia experience (including youtube). all of these things the n8 not only doesnt have, it doesnt even come close, except for the music player. i have hear people say that you can fix this with a software fix, but isnt that what nokia should have been working on for the last two years? they might have fixed a bunch in the background but all of the stuff in the foreground looks very dated.

    i know the fanboys will say that they can do more with symbian vs android and ios, but this really isnt the case anymore. the only thing you can do better revolves around the camera and usb on the go, after that the competition has more than caught up. what do you think?

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